Creating Communities with Character

We've heard it before: a picture is worth a thousand words. Each blank canvas awaits the stroke of a paintbrush that will allow the artist to tell a story. In the same vein, every piece of land has a story to tell; history that has been embedded in the soil, a life that has been lived in the landscape. At Oberer Land Developers, we respect the splendor and vibrancy of the land, preserving and utilizing the natural beauty of the local landscape to build a brighter future; to create places that will be cherished for generations to come while providing lasting value for their daily lives. Over half a century of experience, coupled with our commitment to creating long-term value and improving the land for future generations, our strength is in the depth of our organization.

Our History

Our History

Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, Oberer Land Developers is an award winning residential and commercial land development company. Established in 1949 and known for innovative master planning, Oberer Land Developers is the largest local land developer in the Miami Valley. From inception, Oberer Companies have been guided by the principles of quality, integrity and commitment to community.

Our Approach Our Approach

Our Approach

Each project is streamlined by a team of experienced professionals, built with integrity, enthusiasm, and a vision that translates into a strong commitment to produce quality. We care about the outcome of each and every project we bring into the community – after all, this is our home; the heartbeat of our community and our families. It matters to us. We hold ourselves to remarkably high standards, endeavor to put the customer at the heart of everything we do, and always consider our impact on existing neighborhoods.